Who We Are

kirstieSince Kirstie Tucker founded DC Fly-Ins in 2007 she has focused on coalition building and Washington based advocacy for a wide variety of clients and has consistently built relationships between groups to foster coordinated efforts to support or oppose specific legislation or programs.

Previously, Ms. Tucker served as the Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Liaison at the U.S. Treasury Department. In this role Ms. Tucker was responsible for developing strategies to convey the Administration's message to the business community and organizing business support for administration initiatives on economic, tax, trade and international policy issues. Prior to her service at the U.S. Treasury Department, Ms. Tucker was the Deputy Associate Director in the Office of Presidential Personnel at the White House. Ms. Tucker began her career in Washington, D.C. on Capitol Hill working for two former members of congress from her home state of South Carolina, Congressman Bob Inglis and Senator Jim DeMint.

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